My Little Pony Timeline

When it comes to My Little Pony there are two different timelines. The first one is for the toys and the second one is for the cartoons. For this case study, we will focus to the cartoons. For almost 30 years My Little Pony was dedicated for females. Now we need to analyze what kind of ideas were firmly established over that time period. Initially My Little Pony was created in 1969, but the animations were not open till 1984. Rescue in Midnight Castle was the name of the first episode and it was first shown on TV Special. The feedback was definitely positive because another similar show showed up just one year later, called Escape from Katrina. Both of these shows confirmed that girls were simply fascinated by little ponies.  Play the best My Little Pony games for free.


From this point we come to the question, how to become even more popular than this if not make a movie for the movie theater. The movie did not achieve success, at least not as the movie makers were hoping for. It tanked in ticket sales and the critics were not kind either. However, Hasbro knew that they can make this friendship work. In 1986 My Little Pony appeared as My Little Pony and Friends, this time as in actual series on TV. It was a huge success and little girls fell in love with it once again. But, the monsters who challenged the ponies in the new series attracted a new target group – boys. So, it was not that rare to see boys watch the show.  


Five years later the cartoon went through a transformation. The new series were called My Little Pony Tales. Beside the name there were some other changes that were made. My Little Ponies started walking, going to school, wearing tight blue jeans and had their hair fuzzed up. The My Little Pony series were going to a new direction compared to the last series. The reason was simple, the little girls who watched the series five years ago were no more little, so they needed something to relate to. Despite the changes made to the series, it was not successful as previously, so it came to enclose few months later.  Play hundreds of free online horse games and have fun!

In 2003 My Little Pony came back to the little screens. The pause between these two series was so big that it missed an entire generation. Once again, a lot has been changed in the cartoon. They took elements from each series and combined them, but this time there were no more goblins or witches. There were only sweet little ponies, who pretended to be princesses, parting and having fun.  


The greatest change happened in 2010, when My Little Pony returned and brought a surprise that no one expected. It was now called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. When it comes to creating a show the first step is the pitch bible. How will the series look and feel like, it depends on the creator. Elements, story lines and animations are the key for the success.



During the Turkish occupation over the Balkan and Eastern Europe many Arabian horses were bred with native horses. Hungary was one of the countries in which these crossbreeds were made. Over the years with careful breeding was created the Shagya Arabian horse. It is important to know that this horse breed has long pedigree records. Many breeders compare the Shagya horse with the purebred Arabian horse as brilliants to diamonds. Due to the selective breeding, the offspring were exceptional in their own way, cut and brushed as brilliants.


Slightly taller than the purebred Arabian horses, the Shagya horses can stand between 15 and 16 hands high at the withers. You can find them in many solid colors, but mostly you can see them as chestnut, black, grey and bay. When we talk about the physical appearance we can say that they remind us a lot to the Arabian horse breed. So, the head is refined, wedge-shaped and thin with big, expressive eyes. The muzzle is small, the nostrils are large, while the ears are small and set high. The neck of the Shagya is long and arched, the body is compact, while the back is short, strong and slightly sunken. They have a long and high-set tail and the mane is glorious.

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The Shagya horse has many qualities. They are often use in many horse sports or just for pleasure riding. They are very endurable, so you can travel on long distances with them with no problems. Today the breed is commonly used for cross breeding with other horse breeds in order to improve their bloodlines. Docile, charming, calm and happy you will surely fall in love with these beautiful creatures.


Beautiful Horses from Russia

The Russian Don is one of the most beautiful horses in the world. As the name itself tells us, this gorgeous horse is originating from Russia. It Russian_Don_2has been developed on the steppes of the Don and the Volga River. Centuries ago this horse was much smaller than today, but later they were crossed with other bloodlines, such as Arabian, Akhal-Teke and Thoroughbred, so the result was a larger horse, more refined, but still durable as the Old Don. 

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Russian_Don_1The Russian Don is best known for their toughness and endurance. They posses an extremely robust nature and great stamina. As we all know the environment in Russia is quite harsh, so these astonishing horses have been well adapted to the conditions. They  require little care and sparse feeding. The Russian Don has gained its popularity during the 19th century and many horses were imported in foreign countries. 

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Depending on the type of the Russian Don, the average height is between 15.2 to 16.2 hands high at the withers. There are three different types: eastern, heavy and the saddle type. You can find them in many solid colors, but the most common is chestnut. The coat color of the Russian Don has a gorgeous golden sheen and the tail is low set. The Russian Don horse generally has a small head, which clean with beautiful expressive eyes. They have long legs, well muscled and the joints are well defined with strong tendons and tough hooves.  

Men and Horses in Ireland

In Ireland horses are inseparable part of the landscape. In the past and today they are the ancient magic. Horses are a tradition in Ireland and they define what the Irish people are. One of the most popular sports in Ireland is the steeplechasing. Ireland is considered to be the birthplace of this sport, just as well as to Show Jumping.

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Horses in Ireland represent pleasure and business at the same time. On these green lands people still ride across fields and farms to the hunts. Many people keep horses just for recreation. The love between the Irish and their horses is one of the oldest on the planet. It is the Ballad of the Irish horse.Horses_in_Ireland_1

Ireland is a land of myth and mystery. It has green pastures and rich soil, where the past is still alive. Even today Ireland remains mainly agricultural. So the story about the man and horse begins and stretches over the centuries.

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children cantering ponies on Rush beach Equine Photography by Ni

As we all know the rest of Europe was transformed by the Industrial Revolution, Ireland still remained unchanged and untouched. Most families in Ireland needed horses to work on the fields and then to use them for transport, as well to haul their produce. And finally, on Sundays they took their families to church. So the people in Ireland keep their horses in their lives and on their landscapes.

Horses_in_Ireland_3Horses arrived in Ireland about 2,000 B.C. They were brought by the Neolithic people, who at the same time introduced the farming culture to this land. During the Celtic wars many hot blooded horses were introduced to the country. As the years passed by they were often crossbred with indigenous ponies and thus a better and faster horse was produced. The history of Ireland changed through the centuries, but certain things have never changed. Men and horses continue to share the landscape of Ireland.

Horses of the West

Wild horses are the living legend of the American West. Throughout the history many found a way to free them on the vast open range lands of the West. During the last 40 years these beautiful wild horses have been protected by federal laws.

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wild_horse_6They are in fact protected so carefully that their major threat they face is their own overpopulation. The growing number of the wild horses in the American West is threatening the health of the herds, as well as the health of many other plant and animal species.


The wild horses are a part of the great mosaic. The story of the wild horses begins centuries ago. These horses were roaming the western range lands many years ago. Spanish explorers arrived some 4000 years ago. When the Spanish departed many of the horses were left behind and began populating the western range lands.

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Some were captured and domesticated by Native Americans and later by the western pioneers. These settlers relied on their own horses and those captured from wild herds for travel, as well for use in the fields. The cavalry on the other hand relied on ranchers for remounts, while miners and missionaries preferred burros.


With the advent of the mechanized horsepower and travel, farming, mining and other activities, many of the working animals were set free, joining the free roaming herds of the West.

Horses in the World Wars

No more than 60 years before the first landing on the Moon the world was driven only by the power of the horse. Every sector of the economy relied on them. Transport, agriculture, industry and trade, they were all driven by horse power.

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Not any other creature has served us better in the building of the civilization than the horse. Thousands of years the warhorses prevailed in the battles. If there was not the horse we really doubt that Alexander would be the Great. And can you imagine Napoleon or Attila the Hun on foot without a horse? There has been estimated that there were over million horses in World War I and nearly a third of them have died. Thousands horses also died in World War II, perished in battles of bombs and bullets. It meant end of the horsepower.


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However, today there are about 62 million horses worldwide, more than during the 19th century.  In an Age of Technology, perhaps we crave for the touch of something wild. Horses are no longer changing our world, but they can still change lives, one at a time. Horse fans love horses since they are children. Whenever they have a chance they take good care of them.




Handsome Horse

Once you see an Andalusian horse there will be nothing to add, the picture itself will say it all. The grace and elegance of this noble animal, their faith and their friendship, you just have to express your personal feelings.


If you visit Spain you will get to know one special horse breed that is too special to keep to yourself. You would like to share the story with the rest of the world immediately. The images speak for themselves, so there is no other way to enjoy the presence of this animal than to be near it. The Andalusian horse is an inspiration for so many. It is the Horse of Kings, the thief of hearts.

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This horse holds first place for its perfection, known for its beauty, graciosity, pure-blood and courage. Many kings across Europe owned Spanish horses. The Andalusian horse was developed in the Iberian Peninsula from the Spanish Province of Andalusia.


The Andalusian horse is one of the most expensive horse breeds in the world. It always was and will probably always be. During the 19th century when the mechanization increased and there was a less need of horse power the number of all horse breeds has decreased. However, during the 21st century the number of this breed particularly has increased. Today there are approximately 75000 registered Andalusian horses.

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Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken

Once upon a time there was a small herd that ran freely in the Wild West. One beautiful day a gorgeous little colt was born. His mom called him Spirit. He soon will become the leader of the herd, protecting it in any way. However, as Spirit grows, his curiosity grows too, eventually costing him almost his life. One night Spirit will see a light and hear strange noises. He will come very close to them and the excitement starts right away. But the name Spirit itself explains everything. Even though Spirit was trying new things and getting into trouble through all his life, this was something totally new for him.


Spirit manages to escape, but in the last moments he gets caught, not letting the humans see his herd and saving his friends at the same time. Captured and held in the US cavalry post, Spirit will meet someone how will become his best friend in the future. Little Creek is captured at the same time and just as Spirit, he too wants to be free. Spirit is a Kiger Mustang and Little Creek is a Lakota Native American, a combination that will show us that can be a perfect combination for a perfect friendship.

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Fast as the wind, strong as the sun and wild as the place, Spirit will overcome so many challenges in a short period of time. Although the Colonel claims that any horse can be broken, Spirit will prove the opposite. He said that those who think that the West will never be settled, North Pacific will never breaches Nebraska and those who believe that a hostile Lakota will never submit to providence are completely wrong. He left Spirit without food and water for three days and after that he tried to tame him. And when the Colonel finally thought that he got victory over the horse, Spirit showed his spirit, just as he said: a horse has got to do what a horse has got to do. Little Creek and Spirit ran away, but when they got out of the US cavalry post and when Spirit thought that it is over, he found out that more ropes were waiting for him.


At this time he gets to know the beautiful mare Rain. Very soon these two will fall in love. When Little Creek is sure that he can never ride Spirit, he will decide that it is time to release him. Right then the Colonel and him men will attack the village and they will shoot Rain, who falls into the river. Spirit tries to save her, but they both will fall over the waterfall. In the moments when Spirit is laying with Rain, waiting for her death, the Colonel captures him again. This time he takes Spirit to a work site, pulling a steam locomotive. Here once again Spirit manages to escape breaking free the other horses too. The locomotive falls off the sledge and causes an explosion. Little Creek saves Spirit from the wildfire, appearing right in time.

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It remains to see is Rain alive and will they be together? However, before Spirit and Little Creek get to the village, the Colonel will case them through the Great Canyon. Jumping over the cliff is probably one of the most exciting scenes in the movie, which will make you breathless. The Colonel will finally leave them, humbly giving up. Fortunately, when Spirit and Little Creek return to the village they will see Rain healthy and very much alive.

A perfect story with a perfect ending! Spirit and Rain will say good bye to Little Creek, leaving from the village, but taking him with them in their hearts. Reunited with the herd, Spirit and Rain will start a new life, filled with love and happiness.

Triple-A and Independent Video Games


Flash games have become one of the most trendy sorts of entertainment, with a pretty important business factor in several nations, due to their commercial power is continually increasing from the 90s just up until today. Using the improving technological innovation and online equipment, it is entirely possible that a smaller team of people to develop good video gaming.

Maybe the song does not have some special relation with the title of the post, but we would like to share it with you.

Experts have confirmed that the development of game titles is just about the most demanding computer software systems. It’s very important to assume a video game, come up with an own script of the scenario, outline the guidelines, make images and also graphics, produce solutions, put together sounds and many more. Depending on this, for making online gaming it is recommended to build a team of an editor, artist, musician, game developer and coder. Luckily, there are different types or types of computer games, allowing them to produce and playing lacking a number of these details, nevertheless always be fantastic. This work will be given up to significant online games, however still simple enough that it may finish during the producing efforts. It is said that they’re not going to utilize 3D models but 2D graphical images. If you like you can play horse racing games online.

Below we’ll detail the whole process of creating flash games through an early stage to the installation and evaluation. Let us review the procedure of producing gaming titles with the progression of online business applications and see several significant differences. We’re going to show the particular business strategy and the distributing plan by the end of each video game.

Computer games

Flash games are a form of gaming titles which can be gamed simply using a laptop or computer. Computer units are generally desktop computers, game consoles (attached to the Telly or mobile) combined with smart phones. Regardless of video gaming are produced by the historic 1950s, these believe it or not shot to popularity through the 1990’s down the growth and development of the graphic capabilities of your own personal computer.

Video gaming styles

There are numerous styles of gaming systems, yet in this text we shall just talk about role-playing gaming titles (RPG). They are video game titles where in fact the player takes the function of a typical or alternatively historical character. The type is famous via the prolonged legends not to mention individual development, with the new skills which were provided simply by collecting practice (normally in a few kind of battling) and moving on over the stages. With the appeal of using advancement and upgrades of expertise, the aspect has got distributed to almost any other styles related with video games. Therefore now we haven’t only combat game titles, then again sporting activities as well, where the competitor moves along on, such as, basketball or perhaps cars and increases its features. This certainly could be used as a procedure for keeping the gameplay helpful gradually like limiting the chances for a few moments (as an example you are unable to start using a equipment just up until you reach a particular level) or by setting much better goals (like lots of goals must have achievements to be changed). Further acceptance is definitely the length of the activity, the actual minimum Role Playing Games all-around 20 or so hrs (commonly 30-40 hrs), compared with various other genres which last around 5-10 hrs.

There’s two varieties of Role Playing Games:

• Western category (Western role-playing gaming, WRPG) and then

• Asian model (Japanese role-playing video games, JRPG).

The difference is inside the class of the exact combat, flexibility of the activity and exploration of the actual environment. At JRPG all the characters usually are fixed and struggle working with strikes and therefore the surrounding is fixed, when playing in WRPG the main attack is definitely more compelling as there are greater communication with the surrounding, together with concentration on this exploration and clear motion.

Versions of video gaming in relation to owner

In the beginning, gaming system have been working primarily through owner and the buyer, because the knowledge of developing gaming systems was first limited by industry professionals. With the development of technologies, near to 2003, developing game titles was noticeably simplified. It turned out that minor organizations, occasionally, one particular man can produce an excellent video gaming. By means of norms that definitely have appeared throughout the world wide web and mobile modern technology, an excellent solution has changed for the digital distribution related with software and computer games. All of this seems to have led to the splitting of sorts associated with game titles in relation to the main editor. These are definitely:


• Triple-A gaming system and also

• Free computer games (Independent video gaming).

AAA gaming systems have a large creator and thus created by lot of experts, and also for the growth itself put in a large amount of money. Independent gaming systems are usually designed by a small team of individuals, do not have editor and they work with already established methods related with digital submission at production programs. Yet, the greatest variation is with the top quality. It will be estimated, simply because leading quality is known as the main agenda as part of AAA video gaming due to large output, yet in quite short it absolutely was presented that a good quality relies upon of the game play. Triple-A gaming systems, since of this large amount of greenbacks used for the development, make so-called Nontoxic games. They never transform much of the main elements of the game, or just attempt to add numerous radical possibilities. Independent video game titles can be although constantly wanting to build something more challenging and they often substantially transform elements and also make creative appearance of the adventure, since they try to be welcomed in the crowd. At this point it is usually thought to be essentially the most original games mainly independently produced video games, despite the fact that AAA video games are different and higher priced editions from the video games we have previously observed in another type. Various portions of profitable independent game titles, in the future slowly become more active around the AAA video game titles, which means you can think that it serves a type of symbiosis of these forms of games, in which the independent game titles try latest options which often later on were as part of the AAA computer games.

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Things You Must Know About Horse Food

Horses nutrition isn’t the most important section in the overall costs in the breeding plan in race horses, however the good results of the breeder generally is determined by the meals he gives to the horse. This is especially expressed in horses which are carefully bred for achieving great goals. The price to obtain this foodstuff tend to be higher, as well in relative and in absolute exports, than in some other livestock. However, you can say that horse food which is pretty pricey is often inadequate, and also unbalanced foods are a lot more highly-priced, because it doesn’t lead to the ideal overall results.

Breeding race horses was based on herb nutrients which these animals, just like the other ruminants, use successfully. Digesting that kind of food, which can be in big part lousy, will place this particular animal out of the competitive relationship with people. Therefore we receive effective work from horses, and many products that are important for people (meat, bones, livestock manure etc). During the growth and development of the human civilization, the horse had a very important role. Until recently this displayed an irreplaceable bond for humans in most sections of life. The products which were obtained by horses had a big role in our lives. As a result of development of effective mechanization, over the last few decades, the importance of the equine is way smaller than it used to be. That may be exactly why the whole horse population have considerably decreased. This on the other hand brought on modifications in the horse’s system as well as the target why these horses were bred. Accept for labor now horses are mainly used for your relaxation, so as sports mounts. In spite of all of this, the horse is still irreplaceable in several terrains and locations in the world.

Lately there was clearly an important advancement in the area of horse food research. Right up until recently they had huge procedures for evaluation for the nutritive values and norms specially designed for horses. Usually standards have been pointed out by comparison with cattle. During the last two decades there are developed certain systems for evaluation and guidelines for the demands of the horses, which indicates a big difference between horses and also the ruminants. These systems let organizing a meal that will be correct and balanced for specific horse type.

Can the horse achieve its own highest potential depends on the proper nutrition. For instance reproduction, physical development, and the capability to perform the work. When the horse doesn’t have a correct meal it can poorly affect its performances. Inadequately fed horse will certainly feed on body supplies and definitely will become weak. Alternatively, in case your horse is fed far too much, it is going to increase its body mass, works harder and becomes sluggish.

Mom and baby horse having their meal enjoying the amazing nature
Mom and baby horse having their meal enjoying the amazing nature

When fed, ought to be borne in mind that race horses are incredibly individual in terms of their requirements in nutrients, so that all of the aforementioned pointed out programs can be regarded as basic guidelines for the healthy meal preparation. In practice, each horse deviates more of less within the standards, therefore a good horse breeder will need to take that in mind. Race horses are incredibly sensitive to changes in certain nutrients and vitamins in the diet, which often can go so far to a degree when the horse reacts on similar food, which is reared on different area and other conditions.

Proper dieting for horses, as with all other domestic animals, indicates reaching all needs in nutritional substances. Well balanced meal means not only providing certain quantity of nutrients, as well as a corresponding connection between them. Now this makes sure that the animal makes best use of nutrients which it has ingested. In order to achieve this has to be taken into account all of the the specifics of the horse as the type, and in particular their digestive organs. The effectiveness of the nutrients depends on many other factors, like the type, conformation as well as training.

The basic principles for proper food for race horses should include the next:

•             The diet has to be adequate having dried matter and energy.

•             In the structures of the complete nutritional value in the food there should be plenty of proteins based on the horse breed along with the main type they belong.

•             The proteins inside the meal need to be in accordance with the aminoacids, of which we must especially make an accent on the amino acid lysine.

•             In the meal there should be present adequate mineral substance, especially Ca, P, Na as well as Cl as well as all of the other minerals.

•             The food should have enough nutritional vitamins.

•             The food have to be complete with taste, in order to be taken completely.

•             The meals must be different, made up of many nutritional requirements (no less than 3).

•             The diet must be as easy as possible to serve.

•             The meal must not consist of any kind of dangerous or toxic substances.

•             Within the limits set by the said circumstances, the price for the meal ought to be the most reasonable.

The quality of the main nutritional requirements they will consume is important in horses, most likely a lot more than in other domestic animals. They are most definitely at risk of harmful and spoiled food. The negative impacts of that food sometimes can be extremely dangerous and occasionally deadly for that animal. Somewhat spoiled or possibly contaminated foods, which ruminants could consume, really should not be given to horses. The requirement of providing good and quality foods for the horses can make it even more high-priced, but the end justifies the means, knowing the price the animal and the final result it accomplishes. Ultimately, those that are usually now breeding horses are definitely doing so out of passion for this magnificent breed of domestic animal, therefore it is not too difficult to deliver the very best foods for their animal friends.

In the following video you you can see an amazing short story proving that horses and pets can be best friends (of course Budweiser is here to make the whole image complete).

OK, now I know that this post may seem too long, but there is just one more information that I would like to share with you guys. Did you know the story about the horse breed in this video is called Clydesdale? Do you know their history and some other interesting facts about this astonishing breed of horse? This link can take you there, the place where you can read all this stuff. And that’s not all! Beside the useful info, you can also play a wonderful puzzle game with a final image with the incredible Clydesdale Horse.